Pet Nutrition

With our pet nutrition certification program, we have the best trained staff in the market.  You can be confident that our recommendations are scientifically backed and based on the latest pet nutrition research and information.  Our natural pet food offerings are vetted extensively and all food products that we select for the store are meat-based and free of corn, wheat, soy and by-products. It is our goal is to help you find the most biologically appropriate foods for your pet.
Whether you are dealing with a new puppy or kitten, a senior citizen, picky-pete, a pet suffering from sensitivities or just your family fur-kid, let our staff help educate and guide you through your pet diet choices.  Pet Food selections include dozens of raw frozen and freeze-dried products, dry kibble, wet and dehydrated choices from our trusted manufacturers.  Confused we can help.  Looking for something specific, let us know.  

Raw Food (Frozen)

Our selected Raw Frozen Diets are designed to mimic a pet’s natural ancestral menu. Raw Diets are minimally processed resulting in higher levels of natural nutrition.  High protein and low carbohydrates have customers reporting dramatic changes in their pet’s energy, skin and coat in addition to improved digestion and smaller pet waste.  We carry a number of nationally recognized brands.  We’ll be glad to take the time to educate you regarding the aspects of feeding your pet their natural diet.  From “A” Answers fermented products to ‘Z” Ziwi Peak Air-Dried we have a wide selection of possibilities. 

Dry Food

We research and evaluate Ingredients, Manufacturer Quality and Value of our pet food products.  They are meat-based and free of corn, wheat, animal by-products and artificial colors.  If your pet has sensitivities or special dietary needs, we carry and will help you select the most appropriate pet food.  If you pet doesn’t like his food or it’s not working for him, bring it back, we only work with manufacturers that guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.  And with thousands of fellow pet owners providing feedback from their fur-kids, we can help you find the perfect product for your picky eaters.

Freeze-dried and Dehydrated

Many of the benefits of Raw diets coupled with the convenience of Dry our wide and growing selection of Freeze dried, Dehydrated and Air-dried foods products are some of the highest quality pet diets available.  Adding warm water to our offerings allows you to quickly serve some of the most nutritious meals your pet can have.

Wet Food

We love the extra moisture of our canned products.  High quality ingredients and convenient sizes from some of the finest manufacturers.   Looking for toppers to pair with your dry food, we can help.  If your pet has dietary restrictions such as low fat or urinary restrictions, come see us and we’ll find the appropriate products.